family protection

We manage and review our client’s overall portfolio of insurance protection in order to ensure that this cover represents the underlying foundation of their financial planning.  This process is designed to provide security for both their family and themselves in the event of premature death or long term illness.

Many new clients do not know the level of overall protection they have in place, and whether this is specifically suited to their family's requirements.  We have developed an integrated system to identify the relevant information on existing arrangements for new clients.  We then consolidate these structures into one summary Report which facilitates clear financial analysis and the decision making that is required.

This consolidation of a client’s financial planning arrangements then represents a broadly based financial plan for future protection.  This process thereby provides the necessary peace of mind in the event of unforeseen death or illness. It is only with this cover in place, that clear financial decisions can then be made on proper investment and retirement planning for the future.

We advise clients in the following key areas of insurance protection:

  • Income Protection
  • Life Assurance Cover/Family Protection
  • Serious Illness
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Keyman Insurance Protection
  • Corporate/Co-Directors Insurance
  • Group Life Cover and Disability Benefits



what makes us different?

We are confident that the experience and professional expertise of the Doyle Pension team will give you clarity about your financial arrangements now and for the future. We provide a truly integrated approach to long term personal financial planning.


Our reputation for prioritising client needs and focussing on customer value, has generated a long list of existing clients who have used our financial management services over many years.

  • Irish Association of Pension Funds
  • Irish Institute of Pensions Management
  • LIA - The Professional Association for Financial Services in Ireland
  • Irish Brokers Association
  • Professional Insurance Brokers Association