INVESTMENT consulting

The most important part of the research/analysis process that we provide, is the identification of our client’s financial planning needs and their personal investment risk profile.

It is only after this analysis has taken place, that we can advise on their most appropriate investment strategy for the future.

We actively work with our clients to design an appropriate investment strategy to meet their specific financial planning requirements.

Our investment process is designed to both analyse investment risk and identify suitable fund/product solutions.  This ensures that our clients’ funds are invested in the most appropriate manner to suit particular planning requirements.

What type of investor are you?

what makes us different?

We are confident that the experience and professional expertise of the Doyle Pension team will give you clarity about your financial arrangements now and for the future. We provide a truly integrated approach to long term personal financial planning.


Our reputation for prioritising client needs and focussing on customer value, has generated a long list of existing clients who have used our financial management services over many years.

  • Irish Association of Pension Funds
  • Irish Institute of Pensions Management
  • LIA - The Professional Association for Financial Services in Ireland
  • Irish Brokers Association
  • Professional Insurance Brokers Association
Doyle Pension & Insurance Management Ltd. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland